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Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Over the Counter Methods

Which way of whitening your teeth is right for you? Find out today! 

When it comes to getting a whiter smile there are so many options out there. You may currently be using a whitening toothpaste, an at-home whitening kit, or some DIY option you found on the Internet; however, if you are truly looking to get rid of yellowing and dental stains then isn’t it time you turned to our Owings Mills, MD, dentists Drs. Herbert and Harold Mendelson and Dr. Danielle Waranch for Zoom! In-house whitening treatment to improve your smile? Discover which whitening option is the best one for your needs.

Reasons to Choose At-Home Whitening 

One of the main reasons many people choose to get commercial whitening products over professional methods is the price. While professional teeth whitening is certainly a fair bit pricier the results are worth it; however, for people who aren’t looking to spend much on their cosmetic dentistry here in Owings Mills, MD, they may find that OTC whitening products work just fine for what they need.

Another reason people may turn to this at-home method is that it doesn’t require visiting their general dentist for treatment. With people maintaining busy lives it can be challenging just to schedule your six-month cleaning let alone a special trip to the office for whitening. In this case, at-home whitening can provide another option for these more busy individuals.

Why You Should Choose In-House Zoom! Whitening

Of course, if you aren’t really financially strapped and coming to our office is no big deal, then professional teeth whitening is certainly superior. No other system can get smiles several shades whiter in just one visit. If you want to get rid of surface stains and yellowing then you’ve come to the right place.

Here in our office, we provide state-of-the-art Zoom! Whitening for our patients. We first apply the gel to your teeth, which contains the highest concentration of active ingredients possible to achieve amazing results in under one hour. We then shine the Zoom! light on your teeth to activate the ingredients within the gel. The entire process takes less than an hour and leaves you with a smile up to eight shades lighter. If you need to whiten your smile before a big date or job interview, then professional in-office teeth whitening is your best option.

Here at Mendelson Family Dentistry, we’ve been celebrating over 50 years of smiles in Owings Mills, MD. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, specifically Zoom! teeth whitening, then call our practice today at (410) 356-4100 to schedule a consultation.


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