What Is Laser Dentistry?

It's still a surprise to many when they learn that laser technology has found its way into their dentist's chair. But laser dentistry has been around for decades, its use is multipurpose, and in a lot of cases has even replaced the drill. To find out if laser therapy can help improve your smile get in contact with Dr. Herbert Mendelson, Dr. Harold Mendelson, and Dr. Danielle Waranch of Mendelson Family Dentistry, PA, in Owings Mills, MD

Beyond the Drill

The drill perhaps the most widely known tool in your dentist's arsenal in the battle against tooth decay. It likely has something to do with its blaring presence, although there is no understating its usefulness. It will continue to be a necessary implement for the near future, but laser therapy is already able to replace it on some fronts.

In the treatments where they can replace the drill, lasers are a much quieter alternative as the only thing audible is the sound of the suction used to keep the area clear as your dentist works. You may also require little to no anesthesia during the procedure, and after, you may notice less discomfort in the form of pain and swelling.

The laser also tends to be more precise, produces less blood loss, and kills bacteria during the treatment, thus reducing the chance of future infections.
The technology also plays a role in prevention by helping to detect decay in teeth much earlier than through traditional means.

Laser Dentistry in Owings Mills, MD

Beyond taking on the role of the drill in reshaping the tooth and removing the decay, lasers can assist in a number of different ways.
They can aid professional whitening treatments by speeding up the bleaching process and may be similarly used to help harden bonding materials. But it's not the full extent of their applicable use, come into the office, and speak with your dentist to learn more for yourself.

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