How dental implants help improve your smile

I Want a Better Smile! What Can I Do?

Implants can improve your smile- Here’s howDental Implants

Are you unhappy with your smile because of teeth that are decayed, yellowed, or missing entirely? Stop in and see the dentists at Mendelson Family Dentistry, in Owings Mills, Maryland, and discuss implants, an excellent way to improve your smile.

Dental implants are made of titanium, a strong material which is also gentle on your bone and soft tissue. A titanium implant is placed in the jaw and becomes the missing “root” of your tooth. Then a porcelain crown is placed over the implant post, and it looks and feels natural, just like your original teeth. Often, the dental implant can look as good and be as strong as the tooth it is replacing.

There are many good things about dental implants, including:

You will be able to chew better, improving your ability to digest your food, which improves your health.

You will have a more convenient solution to tooth loss that with proper care can last your lifetime.

You will be more confident in speaking because you know your teeth will “stay put” unlike some dentures and partials.

Implants will make your smile brighter and more youthful while still looking natural. Implants give you all the benefits of your natural teeth while providing a stable, lasting solution to unsightly or missing teeth. In fact, implants are the closest in appearance and function to your natural teeth, unlike removable partials and dentures. You may even like dental implants better than the teeth they are replacing.

In addition to replacing teeth, implants also preserve the firm shape of the jawline by preventing jawbone loss. Dentures, on the other hand, can make you lose bone, causing your jaw to appear weaker over time. In short, dental implants can preserve the youthful look of your face, giving you increased confidence and self-esteem.

Implants truly will improve your smile, and they are the best, and most permanent solution to tooth loss. If you are considering dental implants and wondering if they are right for you, don’t delay! Call Mendelson Family Dentistry, in Owings Mills, Maryland, for a consultation. Find out what dental implants can do for you.


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