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How Your Dentist Can Help Ease Your Headaches

Muscle tension causes around 80% of all headaches. Known as tension headaches, this frustrating and annoying medical condition can truly affect your quality of life. However, did you know your dentist could help you with your tension headaches? Learn more about how you can beat your headaches for good with help from your Owings Mills, MD dentist at Mendelson Family Dentistry.Headache

What dental conditions cause headaches? 
Irregularities in your bite, or the way your teeth fit together, cause the muscles which control your jaw to strain and ache. Missing teeth sometimes affect the bite, causing conditions which cause headaches. The muscles can also become skewed and imbalanced. In this case, even one imbalanced muscle could throw your whole neck and shoulder area off balance, causing aches and pains alongside headaches.

How can I tell if dental issues cause my headaches?
While there are many symptoms of dental-related headaches, some tell-tale signs include:

  • sore jaw muscles
  • popping or clicking jaw noises while eating or speaking
  • pain behind the eyes
  • teeth grinding
  • head or scalp painful to touch

How can my Owings Mills, MD dentist help? 
At your appointment, a physical examination includes your teeth, jaw, and neck. Your dentist will search for any signs of abnormalities in your muscles and joints. After determining that you suffer from dental-related headaches, treatments to align your bite vary depending on the condition. Orthodontic treatment can be used to help align your bite. If your headaches are caused due to tension and stress which cause teeth clenching, your dentist can create a mouthguard. No matter what the case, your dentist can help you get to the bottom of your headaches.

For more information on how your dentist can help with your headaches, please contact Dr. Herbert Mendelson and Dr. Harold Mendelson at Mendelson Family Dentistry in Owings Mills, MD. Call (410) 356-4100 to schedule your dental examination today!

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