Dental Bonding And Reshaping

If one or more of your teeth have cosmetic problems like gaps, chips or abnormal shapes, you might assume that you're stuck with thesebonding and reshaping flaws. However, with bonding and reshaping, a more beautiful smile can be yours in just one short, painless appointment at Mendelson Family Dentistry in Owings Mills, MD. Learn how Dr. Herbert Mendelson and Dr. Harold Mendelson use bonding and reshaping to make difference in the lives of their patients as they answer a few of the common questions people have about this procedure.

What is the bonding material made of?

Typically, bonding material is a composite resin, which means it is made from a combination of plastic and glass materials. This mixture gives bonding material its flexibility, which is necessary for your Owings Mills dentist to shape it into place, and strength, which is needed after it hardens. Its makeup also makes it easy to match with the color of your teeth.

What can bonding and reshaping do for me?

Bonding and reshaping is a low-cost, painless but highly effective way for your Owings Mills dentist to repair cosmetic damage or change the shape of a tooth. If you've chipped one of your teeth's edges, for example, bonding can fill that space seamlessly, restoring your tooth to a normal appearance. If one of your natural teeth is shorter than the others or is oddly-shaped, bonding material can be shaped around the tooth to give it a more uniform look. Bonding can also fill in gaps to make your smile more even and cover up discolorations that may not respond well to dental bleaching.

How long does bonding last?

Bonding is a durable dental restoration. With proper care and regular checkups at Mendelson Family Dentistry in Owings Mills, you can count on your bonded areas lasting a decade or more before an update or repair is needed.

To talk more with Dr. Herbert Mendelson or Dr. Harold Mendelson about dental bonding, contact our office in Owings Mills, MD to schedule a consultation! We're happy to be your provider for all your dental needs!


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